WingsbyHergivenhair  3B/3C Curly Textured Headband Wig

WingsbyHergivenhair 3B/3C Curly Textured Headband Wig

Natural Color Curly Itips Hair Extensions

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Products Description:

- Each bundle contains 100 strands with a grand total of 100g (each strand is about 1g),Usually 2 bundles are required for full head
- All of them made of high quality 100% virgin human hair
- Used to Add Length & Volume to Your Natural Hair, look and feel like the user's natural hair
- Fast and easy maintenance and removal with no mess
- can be reused
- Recommend installed by a professional trained in this service

Shipping Time:

It takes about 15-20 business days to customize the itips and another 3-5 business days to be delivered.


Q:How many pieces in a bundle?How many micro links do you need for a full head?
A:Each bundle contains 100 strands with a grand total of 100g (each strand is about 1g).Usually 2 bundles are required for full head
Q:How long does the installation take?
A:It usually takes 3-5 hours, which varies from person to person. The consumption time also varies depending on the installer,recommend installed by a professional trained in this service.
Q:How do you take them out?
A:Same way you install. You use the plier tool to pinch open the micro link in the opposite direction and then you gently slide it off.
Q:How long do Micro links hair extensions last?
A:Because everyone's maintenance cycle and styling are different, the duration is also different,Then you can get them tightened and keep the style longer. Usually it can last for 2-3 months or even longer.
Q:Does Micro links make your hair grow?
A:Your hair is exposed but at the same time free,so you can easily be maintained and properly cleansed. Microlinks themselves don't make your hair grow but Proper cleansing of the hair and scalp can promote hair growth.
Q:Does multiple straightening affect the curl of the hair?
A:It doesn't affect curls, but too much heat can cause curls to loosen
Q:Are micro links reusable?
A:Yes, it can be reused but it is recommend using the new beads when reinstalling
Q:Can you wash it with your own hair?
A:You can wash it with your own hair
Q:Does this cause any damage to your natural hair? How often should you wash it when you have these micro links in?
A:When properly maintenance and installed correctly in no damage. You can go to the salon every 2-3 weeks for a maintenance
Q:Can you take it into the pool?
A:You can do it. we recommend proper maintenance after swimming.
Q:Can it do a ponytail shape?
A:If you want it, you can.
Q:Can you have the length longer than 22”?
A:The longest length we sell on our website is 22”, if you prefer longer length, feel free to email us at, we can customize for you as well.
Q:Can the micro links be dyed?
A:You can bleach/dye them to match your hair color. Because bleaching or coloring will potentially alter the curl pattern, we recommend you choose a tighter curl if you need to color the hair. We recommend that you be dyed by a professional familiar with natural textures. We are not responsible for any damage to the quality or texture of the hair due to dyeing.Thank you for your understanding.

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