All-in-one Thermal Travel Bag

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The thermal bag is designed to care for wigs, extensions, and hair pieces. The thermal bag can be used for treatments such as deep conditioning, hot oil treatment, hair masks, hair coloring and bleaching processes. Convenient to use and travel friendly, it is sure to be an indispensable tool to help care for your hair wigs and extensions at home.

Best Wig Care Equipment
Convenient to use and travel friendly, this tool provides a great way to heal and repair your wigs and hair pieces at home.

A safe to use electronic heating bag with flame retardant materials and adjustable temperature controls.

Proper Temperature Control
With two levels of temperature control, high and low, you can freely adjust the temperature according to your own needs.

Multifunctional Design
Equipped with a high-quality, waterproof plastic interior, that is both easy to use and detachable to clean.

Perfect Treatment Results
While effectively improving split ends and repairing hair damage, it will help make your hair silky smooth and health again.

First adjust the heat setting to 122℉and warm up the wig case 10-15 minutes in advance. Wash your wig or extensions and wipe the hair down gently with a towel. Next, add your favorite conditioner or treatment to the hair piece and place treated hair piece into the all-in-one thermal wig bag (PLEASE MAKE SURE PUT THE WET HAIR IN, BUT NO WATER IN). Close the case and adjust the heat setting to 149℉. After 20 minutes, please remove the wig from the case and rinse. Next, air or blow dry the wig. Lastly, you may install and style as usual.

Please do not submerge the carrier case under water. Keep out of reach of children.

When the temperature reaches 185℉or the time reaches 60 mins, the thermostat automatically disconnects the power supply, avoids high temperatures and generates hidden problems.
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